Bradford Doll Comments on Duwamish Watershed and Stormwater Compliance in Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

Published Oct 29, 2014

A recent article in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce addresses how potential Washington State revisions to water quality criteria and the State’s Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP) may affect businesses located along the Duwamish waterway. Written by Nathan Hardebeck, stormwater program manager at SoundEarth Strategies, the article includes comments from Tupper Mack Wells attorney Bradford Doll regarding regulatory uncertainties for Duwamish-area permittees in the Washington Department of Ecology’s draft Permit.

Doll explained that ISGP enforcement by EPA, Ecology and environmental groups has increased along the Duwamish and he’s concerned about proposed ISGP requirements that apply to businesses discharging to Puget Sound sediment cleanup sites. Because Ecology has not specifically identified these sites, some dischargers may be left to guess at whether they are covered by the new rules, and some may be exposed to possible citizen lawsuits. Doll stated: “Some businesses will likely find out too late they violated permit requirements they did not know applied to them.” Contact Bradford Doll at for more information.

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