James Tupper Gives Presentation on Fish Consumption Rates, Risk Policy, and Environmental Justice in Human Health Water Quality Criteria

Published Oct 22, 2013

Tupper Mack Wells attorney James Tupper recently gave a presentation at the Northwest Toxics Conference on “Risk Policy, Fish Consumption Rates and Environmental Justice” in setting human health water quality criteria. In his presentation, James explained the derivation of the default fish consumption rate and other assumptions used in the National Toxics Rule, as well as the policy choice involved in setting an acceptable level of increased cancer risk.  Placing in context various alternatives to Washington’s default fish consumption rate, James also examined the potential level of protection provided, the impact on toxics reduction, and implementation challenges for the State of Washington and regulated entities.  For more information, contact James Tupper at tupper@tmw-law.com.

  • To view the presentation slideshow, click here.