James Tupper to Speak at June 26, 2012 Conference on Toxics in Fish, Sediment & Water

Published Jun 11, 2012

The Environmental Law Education Center’s Advanced Conference on Reducing Toxics in Fish, Sediment & Water will take place on June 26, 2012 at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center.  Tupper Mack Wells attorney James Tupper will give a presentation on CERCLA, MTCA & the Clean Water Act, specifically addressing Ecology’s new initiatives to establish Fish Consumption Rates and modify Washington’s Sediment Management Standards and Surface Water Quality Standards.

These upcoming water quality-related rule makings and proposed revisions have far-reaching implications for cleaning up contaminated sediment, permit compliance, source control, and many other activities.  The proposed revisions will also have significant human health and ecological impacts.  The conference will feature diverse perspectives and speakers who will explore the possible consequences – intended and unintended – of the rule makings, revisions and other regulatory activities.  For more information, contact James Tupper at tupper@tmw-law.com.