James Tupper to Speak at Northwest Toxics Conference on September 26, 2013

Published Sep 20, 2013

Tupper Mack Wells attorney James Tupper will be among the presenters at the Northwest Toxics Conference sponsored by the Environmental Law Education Center taking place on September 26, 2013. Among the topics covered will be legal and regulatory strategies to reduce toxic discharges and remove toxic pollutants from the environment.  Speakers, including Maia Bellon, Director of the Department of Ecology and Dan Opalski, Director of the Office of Water and Watersheds at the US EPA, Region 10, will address the complex science and public policy issues surrounding toxic chemicals, as well as state and federal toxic reduction efforts under CERCLA, MTCA and the Clean Water Act.

James will discuss the development of water quality standards and fish consumption rates and the impact these standards will have on regulated entities. Other speakers will present related updates on Washington's rule-making and implementation, and explore the latest developments in Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho.

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