Legislative Briefing on Fish Consumption Rates Includes Presentation of Economic Impact and Feasibility of Implementation

Published Jan 22, 2014

The Legislature has returned to a new session and one of the first work sessions held was on the topic of fish consumption rates and water quality standards. On January 16, 2014, a presentation regarding the stakes for local governments and businesses based on a study conducted by HDR Engineering, Treatment Technology Review and Cost Assessment, undertaken on behalf of the Association of Washington Cities, Washington Association of Counties and Association of Washington Business, was given to the Senate Committee on Energy, Environment and Telecommunications. The study demonstrated that there are no known technologies to achieve criteria such as the criteria which have been implemented in Oregon and that similar action in Washington could result in crippling compliance costs and restrictions on economic development.

  • To view the presentation given to the Senate Committee on January 16, 2014, click here.
  • To view the HDR Treatment Technology Review and Cost Assessment study, click here.