New Article on Changes in "Manner of Use" Under Washington's Groundwater Code

Published Sep 17, 2012

In a detailed article, Tupper Mack Wells attorney Sarah Mack explains the arguments in favor of changing the “manner of use” of a groundwater right for community domestic supply to increase the number of residential service connections using the same amount of water.  Using as its starting point the notion – originating with dicta in a 1999 Washington Supreme Court decision – that the groundwater code does not authorize changes in the “purpose of use” of a groundwater permit or certificate, the article explores the meaning of “manner of use” changes authorized by RCW 90.44.100.

Sarah presented a condensed version of this article at Law Seminars International’s 2012 Water Law in Washington conference on August 27-28.  For more information, contact Sarah Mack at

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