New Legislation Streamlines Stormwater Management in Boatyard General Permit

Published Apr 09, 2012

Last week Governor Chris Gregoire signed two important bills related to stormwater management.  The first was HB 2651 (see analysis below), the second is HB 2469.  HB 2469 amends the state Shoreline Management Act (SMA) to streamline installation of stormwater treatment systems at existing boatyards.  The legislation exempts boatyards installing treatment best management practices under the Boatyard General Permit from the procedural permitting requirements of the SMA.

Boatyards will still have to comply with the substantive requirements of the Act and that will be reviewed as part of Ecology’s approval of stormwater treatment systems.  This will provide a significant reduction in the expense and time to install stormwater treatment systems under the permit.

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