New York Times Article Focuses on City of Tacoma's Efforts and Approach in Combating Stormwater Pollution

Published Jun 17, 2014

“Last year, environmental engineers working for this city had an unnerving worry. After a decade and tens of millions of dollars devoted to a fastidious cleanup of its corner of Puget Sound, Tacoma’s shore front was in danger of being contaminated with a highly toxic chemical” begins a recent New York Times article focused on the waters of Puget Sound, specifically the City of Tacoma’s efforts in combating stormwater pollution into Commencement Bay. The use of data points (“ a detailed, continuing and chemically specific picture of what is in seven outlets that flow into the Foss Waterway and then into the Puget Sound, as well as what is in nearly 30 sediment traps that hold storm water from various parts of the city”), a willingness to use economic penalties, and the institution of rain gardens are all part of the approach being used.

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