Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Now Available

Published Jul 29, 2013

The Department of Ecology recently published the Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington as a guide to planning, designing, and installing rain gardens to control stormwater and prevent pollution from stormwater runoff.  The Handbook can be used by homeowners, landscapers, landscape architects, engineers and others to create rain gardens in Western Washington, whether or not required by stormwater regulations. The Handbook’s principal author is Curtis Hinman, Washington State University Extension faculty member.

Rain gardens are one of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can be used to meet certain minimum requirements under the 2012 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington.  For more information on stormwater regulations, contact James Tupper (Tupper@tmw-law.com) or Brad Doll (Doll@tmw-law.com).

  • To view the Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington, click here.