TMW's Matthew Wells to Speak at 7th Annual Water Rights Transfers Conference on November 13, 2014

Published Nov 03, 2014

Matthew Wells will be speaking at the 7th Annual Water Rights Transfers Conference presented by The Seminar Group taking place on November 13th and 14th in Seattle. The conference includes a comprehensive introduction and update on water rights, and is structured to compare and contrast procedures for managing water rights and explore current issues that are expected to have a pervasive impact on nearly all water right holders. It will also explain key concepts and practice methods crucial to meeting the needs of water right administrators and practitioners. Matthew’s presentation will focus on the buying and selling of water rights, in particular due diligence matters of title and validity of individual water rights. He will be speaking with Stacey Scriven Bernstein from Perkins Coie LLP. For more information, contact Matthew at

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