Tupper Mack Well Supports Earthrise Law Center's Condor Project

Published Sep 27, 2012

Tupper Mack Wells PLLC is proud to support the Condor Project by Earthrise Law Center at Lewis & Clark Law School.  The Condor Project furnishes non-lead ammunition to hunters and educates the public about the threat that fragments of lead ammunition pose to scavenger animals like the California condor and the golden eagle.  Lead poisoning has been documented in many avian predators and scavengers, which ingest spent lead ammunition when feeding on the remains of mammals shot with lead bullets.

The 2012 video The Non-Lead Hunter, featuring Anthony Prieto, a lifelong hunter with a love of the outdoors and the heart of a conservationist, explains how a small change – switching from lead to copper ammunition – can have big effects in preserving wildlife. 

  • To view The Non-Lead Hunter, click here.
  • For more information about Earthrise Law Center, click here.